2020 Team Roster

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2020 – New Partners – Covid19 – Ride Solo…Carefully

With the cancellation of all races for the near term, we wish everyone happiness and health. Hang in there!

We have some new partners as well:

The Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association and BicycleMechanic.com – we are excited about both. We want to help the PBMA and its members grow the association and promote, develop and advocate for the ProfessionalBicyclemechanic©

True Vehicle Solutions – if you need help with automotive vehicle logistics, support for special events, car prep, advertising production, check us out

And of course, we still enjoy Velofix, Canyon and world class marketing support from those genius Automotive Marketing Consultants at BaseMedia, LLC

We are adding an all white top for summer heat. Let’s hope we get to group ride again this summer.

Ride solo, ride Zwift and stay safe out there. Just because the roads are clear doesn’t mean you can’t get run off the road by inattentive drivers or worse, semi-truck drivers. Check out my encounter below.

2020 – New Partners – Covid19 – Ride Solo…Carefully Read More »