First Ever Cycling Event at M1Concourse in Pontiac, MI on April 30

M1Concourse, a world class private race course in Pontiac, MI, will be hosting their first ever cycling event on April 30, 2017. This is a rare opportunity to experience the beautiful 1.5 mile track – here’s a team preview drone video of the track. Sign up now at BikeReg and enjoy hours of competitive timed riding. We will limit the field to the first 200 riders registered. Prizes for the top finishers will be awarded. The rumor is that there will be interesting prizes and primes, yet again.

Who remembers the “Dude” package from the Corktown Crit? The winner surely remembers.

Who should register for A or B categories?

We suggest that if you’re an experienced racer (typically Cat 1, 2, 3) enter the A group, the pace will be high knowing some of the early entrants. Less experienced riders/racers (Cat 4, 5 or non categorized riders) might prefer the B category because the average speed will be lower.  The nice thing is…you never REALLY get dropped. Although…you might get lapped. Not to worry, someone trustworthy will be watching your laps. There might even be a drone. And if you do get lapped, there’s a certain camaraderie when you accept your fate. We can’t all be Tom Brady or say, Peter Sagan (by the way, even Peter Sagan has been dropped/lapped, just saying).

The tentative schedule on Sunday, April 30 is as follows

  • 10 am: Track opens for warm up. Anyone registered can ride for 2 hours until start of the first race. There is a gated entrance and parking will be available on the skid pad
  • Noon to ~1.30 pm: Staggered start for A and B fields.
  • ~1.30 pm – 3 pm: Prizes awarded, tour of track – All are welcome to continue riding the track
  • We are working on getting a food / coffee truck but nothing has been approved yet. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for late breaking info
  • 3 pm: Track closed / all event attendees must exit

Where do I get updates about the event, prizes, schedule, etc.?

Please follow our Facebook page, to get the latest updates and/or to ask questions.

Join us, this will be a lot of fun.

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Tying it all together – Introducing BaseMedia Racing

Announcing the BaseMedia Racing Team…racing in red and black. And depending on our mood, sometimes all red or all black.

You might ask, why would a team allow the use of different colors? Because the Chief said so? No. There are times when it’s ok to express yourself in different colors, as long as the sponsor logos look fantastic, per our GM of visual expression, Brian Lucas.

The team founders are also the same rabble that served up that tasty cycling espresso ride called the D-linquents – a merry band of road racers with a healthy desire to call in sick on Fridays and ride through the Motor City, with required coffee stops.

I’ve had many people question my sanity for sponsoring a cycling team (ok, not just about this). But anyone that has put in a ton of miles knows that you get more than you give when it comes to cycling. Someone had to do it.

What is BaseMedia? Why were we Armcandy? What is Detroit Magic Child? Why would you GoChainless? And what’s with the Churchills Cigar Lounge logo? Just ask. In the end, we tie it all together, like the rug.

So, more details to come as we start racing, but for now, look for us rolling into a coffee shop near you, clad in black and red lycra. Or all red. Or all black.

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